Homely Changes


Logan and I have kept ourselves busy around the Henry Homestead lately! Although Log has been working diligently on various projects that I’m pretty much clueless in, I’ve been up to some fun myself. Between being immeasurably blessed by a few of our friends, being gone all summer, and then being student loan free, we have been motivated to rearrange and update our home in a few small ways. Now I’m just ready to get them all completed! I love looking forward to seeing the finished product. Here’s a few photos of our laboriousness!

First project: Artificial lights!

Once the weather gets to freezing, I am forced to bring in my collection of house plants that sit on our porch during the mild months of the year. Logan already nixed the idea of putting them back in front of our french doors again (last year it was much like a messy jungle in our dining room), and there’s no other window in our home that gets good direct sunlight. So that handy Logan rigged up some our of old fluorescent shop lights in the basement for me to keep my precious planties alive through the winter. I’m also planning to grow my own vegetable garden from seed this year!!!! Three thumbs up to me!

Number Two Project: Wood Floors.

For a long while, we have wanted to pull up our carpet in the dining room and show off the wood floor. Sadly, upon looking closer, at one point in our home’s 100 years of life, someone cut a big hole in the floor in the area that would be exposed by such a project. Big sad face. Instead of doing that, we opted for a lovely wood laminate… which we like. A lot.

Tres: Dishwasher and Keurig

Two of Logan’s projects have come from the same household. Thanks to the Hillegeist’s for being so generous this fall! They gave us their old dishwasher (which is a huge upgrade from our old one, which was recently being used only as a two-level drying rack. We are now digital!!!!!) and their old, defective Keurig. Little did Trever know that upon this donation, he would get to show Logan how to install and fix what he gave away! Ha ha. We are grateful for your gifts and expertise! (Now I’m taking a break to go brew me a cup of Peppermint Mocha Coffee, BRB.)

Fourth Project (still underway): Furniture

We “inherited” four pieces of bedroom furniture from a few different places. We’ve always had a collection of furniture in our bedroom that is hodge podge and some of which is quite unsightly. The new stuff is actually quite butt ugly as well (minus the cool dresser from Uncle Steve), but just needs a little help to make it cool. A million hours of sanding, priming, painting, sealing, and new handles will spruce this set up in [no] time. Still in the process of sanding right now, I’m about half way done. Yahoo! The headboard and footboard are pictured here today.

Project Five (only a thought so far): Paint

When we moved into our home, we painted every room except for the Spare Oom. We have recently emptied that room out of all the crap that it has collected over the last four years… It’s truly been the most awkward room in our house. It’s been a bedroom, an office, a lounge, a library, a storage closet… we can’t seem to find something that we actually use it for. Oh well. Maybe a coat of paint and carpet shampoo will inspire us!

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