Celebrate Logan!

Ah, here we are again! The birthday of my sweetie has come and gone! Logan’s birthday was a little different this year, as we were finishing up our summer project in Kingman on the actual day. That day was packed full of stuff… and in my opinion, not the most fun day of birth a boy could have. We did get to do some unique things, but with all the packing up of our belongings and tying up loose ends, it didn’t seem quite enough like a celebration in my mind. So, we made it last a little longer this year. No complaints from Logan! I’m not sure that I topped my plans from some of the years’ past (see last year, 2010, and 2009’s fun), but oh well! Ya can’t force creativity.

Thursday, we went over to Donna’s house to play with her Westie puppies, and she surprised Logan with a blue ribbon chocolate cake, complete with candles and homemade ice cream! On Saturday (Logan’s real birthday), we went to the demolition derby in Kingman. What a strange concept this event is. Kinda fun though… yeah! I also made some treats for our after dinner snack! I found some wintery cupcake liners and we pretended like we were in January eating our cool berry cupcakes!

Upon our arrival back to home, sweet home on Sunday, we discovered that we had no food in our home. Actually, we knew that. But alas, we had no food in our home. Graciously, our W friends had us over for dinner, and Logan got some new birthday guitar strings from his buddy! Wahoo! Thanks friends, for a fun evening catching up!

Monday evening, we still had no food in our home. So, we ordered a Taco Pizza, cheese sticks, and cinnamon sticks from Logan’s favorite pizza place… PIZZA HUT! This was his official out-to-eat birthday meal, with 27 glowing candles adorning the stuffed crust and a birthday song sung.

Tuesday evening, we finally got to celebrate with our family! Chuck, Janine, Cole, and my parents all came over for a dinner meal and gift opening (he got a Lowe’s gift card and 6 full-size Snickers bars from my parents, Netflix instant queue from Cole, a freezer full of meat for grilling from his parents, and an electric toothbrush and pistachios from me!), followed by a Braum’s run for ice cream cones. At last, Logan! You have been celebrated! I love you dear. Hope 27 treats you well… I’ll be there before you know it!

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