Going Forth Into Our Fourth Year

This day has rolled around once again, four times now! Logan and I celebrated our anniversary in a different town this June 28th, which was pretty neat-o, actually. Logan told me early in the week that he had a plan for our evening, so I was excited to see how this plan would unfold! I love it when he takes the liberty to plan something special… he never fails to make it count.

I, on the other side of things, had a few tricks up my sleeve as well. I ordered a few nifty gifties off of Amazon, including Robin Hood: Men in Tights and a permanent coffee filter for my coffee snob man (actually, he’s not a snob at all, especially compared to some unnamed friends of his…). The night before, I also snuck over to some Kingman friends’ house (thank you, Yoder’s!) to secretly bake and assemble Logan’s favorite dessert, fruit pizza! Are you wondering how I got a giant bag of fruit and other baking essentials and a cookie sheet out the door without anyone seeing me? The un-observation of men while playing Smash Brothers is un-paralleled to many other moments. Ha.

Our whole team got to enjoy the fruit pizza for lunch on our anniversary. After a little band practice, Logan told me to pack an overnight bag. Wahoo! We took off in the truck, and went about 100 yards down Main Street to… The King’s Inn Bed and Breakfast! We got to stay in an oh-so-cute room called Suite Caroline, which had a beautiful chapel door divider, a fancy canopy, and… a real bed. It’s been three weeks since we have slept in a non-air-mattress bed, and it was sooo nice! Whee-oo!

We dropped our stuff off in our room and then hopped back in the truck and made our way to the next surprise: dinner in Wichita! We went out to eat at… can you guess by the picture where we went? Mmm. My favorite restaurant: Cheddar’s! I looooooove Cheddar’s!!!!!!!!!! After dinner, Logan took me tennis shoe shopping. Could it get any better? He was a-speakin’ my love language, that’s for certain.

We traveled back to the B&B for the night and awoke to our alarm saying it was time for breakfast: quiche and baked oatmeal with “coddled milk and fresh berries,” pretty snazzy, and delicious too! Thanks to the Sawyer’s for a great venue for our anniversary!

And, thanks to my lovely Logan for spoiling me until I am completely rotten. I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family! Let’s stay together forever, whaddaya say?

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