Tyrant = Me

“That’s why Jesus lived and died and then lived again: so that he could be our Master across the entire range of life and death, and free us from the petty tyrannies of each other.” [Romans 14:9 MSG]

Tyrant: a sovereign ruler who uses power oppressively or unjustly. If the truth be known, I am a tyrant of my own life. I oppress myself under such tight restraints sometimes, it is exhausting. My sin packed life gets to weighing too much for me to carry around, yet I continue to try and drag it along behind me. Me, pressuring myself to look good. Me, burdening myself with the work of making sure people like me. Me, tempting myself to judge others to make myself feel better. It comes from within: nasty, black, sin.

This is not God’s design for me. Getting myself all caught up in wounding mind games is not what Christ wants for me. When I look back on these kinds of situations, it seems so silly that I put pressure on myself in these ways. But in the thick of it, it’s very real and very necessary (or so it feels). Why? I believe my tyrannical attitude comes into play right here. I preach to myself that I am in control of the things in my care. What I say goes. know what is best for me. And then, I begin to believe that. Honestly, my flesh wants to believe it. I have not combatted the flesh well lately, and have believed the lie I’ve created: that I am ruler over my life.

Here is the turning point. Thanks God, for there being a turning point, otherwise my life is destined for the crapper (ha). This Romans chapter bonked me in the face and told me like it is. This problem I have, this is why Jesus lived, died, and lived again! He came so that he could knock down tyrants like me and be the rightful ruler over me! Yeah, he is master over the big things like life decisions, finances, and relationships. But it goes on to say he is master across the entire range of life and death as well. This means he wants to rule the inner battles I have within myself. He wants to free me from my petty, tear-me-apart-from-the-inside problems. This is what my spirit is thirsty for. Freedom.

Jesus, how can I ever repay what you’ve already done for me? You are the bomb that blasts sin from my heart and gives me the ability to break away from those sin strings I have weaved around my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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