Confessions of a 26-year-old Egg Queen

Well, I think it’s high time I do some confessing to the millions of confused and doubting bloggers who follow me (har har). Recently, I posted my Egg Challenge video in honor of Easter and my sister, whom I accepted a dare from to eat 12 hard boiled eggs in one sitting. I would like to clear the air and let everyone know that I cannot, indeed, eat 12 eggs at once, nor did I actually try to do so.

Who do you think I am, a sicko?

The video included but ONE hard boiled egg, Logan and my brainpower on 12 creative ways to eat an egg, and some clever video editing in iMovie. I hate to reveal all my secrets… but this confession only makes me look more like a real human being again. After all, NO ONE can eat a dozen hard boiled eggs in an afternoon, right?

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