The Wonderful World of Dressing!

After receiving a fun Christmas gift from a friend, I have become motivated. I have begun to delve into a world unknown. The world of salad dressings! How have I not realized how easy these delightful liquids are to create until now? My glass salad dressing holder has held some pretty delish dressing now. I started out with a recipe I stole from my friend’s board on the infamous Pinterest, which was the Olive Garden knock-off dressing. Yum-o. (Don’t get me wrong, Pinterest is great, but somehow I don’t feel original when I find things there. Anybody getting that feeling with me? I shall lead a rebellion! Probably not. But maybe.)

After finishing a bottle or two of that, I was hankering for some sweetness. Olive Garden’s dressing is a bit tangy and tart, so it was time for a change. Tonight, the dressing of choice was Raspberry Vinaigrette! I was so impressed with this stuff. It was extreme easiness, and this looks like the REAL deal. And, it tastes like the real deal too, folks. I take that back: it was BETTER than the real deal. Dang straight, it was guud.
Shauna’s Window encourages YOU to make your own dressing, whatever kind you choose. Give it a whirl and prepare to be amazed!

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