Weekend Sweetness

This weekend was a friendly one. We got to stay in town and spend time with many amigos… I am grateful to have so many great people in my life!

How did we cram all this amazingness into one weekend?

  1. Hong Kong Buffet and Siri tests
  2. In house jam with future youtube sensation
  3. Late night Pinterest 101 tutorial (I love when we are so tired, everything is funny)
  4. Morning visit by our friends and their new puppy!
  5. Lunch date with new friends, featuring an Apple Nacho trial run (and success with a bit of tweaking!)
  6. Loving on our friends’ kids in the nursery Saturday night
  7. All beef weeny roast / Reese’s smore fest with more friends
  8. Visiting a friend working at Mokas who makes great California Clubs for lunch
  9. Doing some yard work with some of my besties
  10. Scouring a giant sink laden with paint next to a fellow perfectionist
  11. Sitting at home and slowing down with my best friend!
  12. Small group
  13. Blizzards and Parchisi until way too late (on a school night)

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