26 Birthday Presents

Wowza. My friends and family sure know how to do a birthday. Yes, this is practically a week late, but it seems like I’ve had the busiest week/weekend ever, and have had no time to post at all! Ever since college began, Christian Challenge’s Fall Conference has fallen on or right after my birthday, which always turns out to be a super de duper great birthday present! I’m just crazily running around like mad during that last week of September.

Anyway, regardless of its tardy nature, this post shows just how great a birthday I had! I counted my 26 blessings that I received for my 26th birthday…

  1. a springform pan
  2. an M&M/tootsie roll chaotic conga line (at school)
  3. a giant bag of M&M’s
  4. a shopping spree
  5. a metal arbor for my backyard
  6. a piano keyboard
  7. a dozen roses delivered to school
  8. cash
  9. cute homemade coasters
  10. delicious pumpkin muffins
  11. a sliced peach with a candle stuck in the middle
  12. a funfetti cake
  13. a box of Pirouline rolled wafers
  14. a beach party
  15. a cute flashlight
  16. Brookeville chicken dinner with friends
  17. a yummy meal of meatballs, potatoes, and bacon green beans
  18. a  cranberry limeade delivered to me at school
  19. funny little 6th grade birthday notes
  20. a serenade in study hall
  21. a Japanese birthday voicemail
  22. a Columbia fleece
  23. a cute shirt
  24. Bambi
  25. a million happies on facebook
  26. rain!

I am blessed!

A few shots of the fun on my birthday…

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