Virginiacation Hiking Et Cetera

The last and final entry of our summer vacation that happened way back at the beginning of July! And as great of a vacation as it was, it feels good to be done with this series! Our last day was a pretty eventful day too. We went up to the Peaks of Otter to hike to the top of Sharptop Mountain. Not a long hike, only a few miles in length, but lots of stairs. Not quite as bad as the Great Wall of China, but still a considerable workout for the quads.

We started off by seeing a bear. A black baby bear. Ryan was definitely the most excited person of our group, as he had never seen a rel bear in the wild before, and we got to watch the bear stalk around the wooded area for quite awhile. We also saw a deer, very up close, as the pictures will tell. We ate a brown bag lunch at the summit, enjoyed a foggy view of the world from there, and then hit the pool house for the rest of the afternoon. Ryan and Tara took Logan and me to a local pizza joint for dinner and then we had snow cones in the rain later on.

The next morning we left bright and early for home. Hard to leave family behind of course! We had a blast, and are thankful for them letting us come and stay with them for a week! Love you Tara and Ryan! Some of the highlights on the way were Steak and Shake, trying to find a hotel room with two non-twin size beds in it, and madly finishing answering all the questions in the question jar by the time we hit Salina. A bittersweet feeling it was to drop our travel buddies off at home. Thanks for the memories, Lauren and Jason!

At the Trailhead

Da Bear (zoomed in a lot...)

Ryan got hot, so he took his jeans off. Luckily he wore sport shorts underneath.

On Top of Old Smokey


Toughness. And Jason's Blue Steel face.

At the Summit!

Kinda cool in the fog

On the Descent... here's the deer!

And a frog.

The End.

Waterstone Pizza... mmm!

Sissy and Broey

Snow Cones!

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