Virginiacation en El Capital

Had to take a trip to DC for a day… and wow, was it a full day. We were absolutely beat by the end of it, but Logan and I both got to see a few things we hadn’t seen on our previous trips!

The best use of time was a tie between the Holocaust Museum and our Chinese dinner at Wok-n-Roll (not to be mistaken with the Spangles Wok-n-Roll, it’s not the same thing). Okay so dinner was really good, but the Holocaust Museum was way better. I learned so much about this historical event, and it definitely drew me into thinking about political matters for a moment. Quality.

We saw a lot more than the pictures portray… National Archives, all the major memorials on the National Mall, American History Museum, Holocaust Museum, a street vendor who definitely rips you off, probably more but I can’t think of anything else…

Thanks to Jameson for being our tour guide! You were amazingly helpful!

New Kids on the Block... Jason needs to photo shop himself into this one.


Girl Buddies!

President Waller giving a very serious speech

The first woman POTUS!

The second woman POTUS!

President Reagan

"I'm fed up with you people."


Lincoln Memorial, seriously.

The "Reflecting Pool"

Mr. Lincoln, Mr. Waller, and Mrs. Waller.

Showing our fatigue as we wait for water.

Logan and my qiezi and chao fan! Best qiezi on this side of the Pacific Pond.

No I will not share my food with you!

On the train home

We got seats together!

Boys surfin' USA. Jameson must have missed the V-neck memo.

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