The Big 26!

Don’t worry, I’M not that old yet. But my hubby is now! Wahoo for birthdays. This year, I didn’t make a claymation video, nor did I rewrite a love song for my sweetie. I did something a little less exciting, but much more useful!

If you didn’t know, Logan has lost 35 pounds over the course of the year. Ya, he’s like, skinny. With this comes a weird, bittersweet feeling. Two thoughts: Great! You’re skinny! and Wow, nothing fits you anymore. This is precisely what we’ve been saying since about March. SO, Logan has been telling me that all he wants for his birthday is money to buy clothes (yikes, he must REALLY be getting old!).

Therefore, I devised a plan to gather up a few of the immediate family members and pool our money together for a shopping spree. And that’s just what we did. Now Logan has $200 to spend on new clothes! Now that my friends, rocks.

Happy Birthday Logan! We are so incredibly proud of you. Thank you to all the family who helped out too!

Yes, the check says $150. We had a late donation! đŸ™‚ P.S. Logan is wearing my t-shirt. I'm jealous.

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