The Breakfast of Champions

Well… maybe it was a breakfast of champion weight gainers, not to mention that I feel slightly bothered by the fact that the last two food blogs I’ve posted were made using the fry daddy. Whoops.

These gems were inspired by Kristen’s donut hole concoction, I just decided to make the holes into whole donuts instead! We had some leftover canned biscuits (Logan and I can’t actually eat all 8 at once, nor should we try), so I just threw them in the fridge to be used in the morning… for donuts! Cut out the middle, fry ’em up, and roll ’em around in whatever coating you want; cinnamon and sugar and powdered sugar were the flavors of the day this time! They don’t quite aesthetically measure up to Carol Lee, but they sure were quick and tasted yummy!

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