Virginiacation: Panther Falls Day

The next day, we all decided that we wanted to go swimming. Well, I probably shouldn’t say “all,” because I doubt Logan was saying that he wanted to swim. But, as always, he was a great sport and went along with it! Jameson knew of a place called Panther Falls where there are several waterfalls, two cliffs to jump from, and deep pools to swim in underneath. If I ever had a bucket list, this kind of place would be on it. I don’t necessarily need to cliff jump, but I think those areas where people cliff jump are so cool! Off to Panther Falls we go!

It took us a long time to get there (we got semi-lost), but once we hiked down to this place, it was so peaceful and had a forgotten feeling to it. No one else came to the Falls until we were thinking about leaving, so we just had a load of fun in the wilderness for an afternoon.

The River that leads to and from Panther Falls

View from the top of the cliff

Jameson and Jason posing in the Falls

Oops! I slipped on a rock. Actually, all the girls did this, and all of us had bruised bodies when we left.

Ryan and Jameson - should we get in? (The water was frigid, by the way)

We packed a lunch and sprawled all of our stuff on top of the cliff!

Jumpy Jason

Jameson having FUN on the kiddie slide!

Go Lauren!

Ryan was so excited... 🙂

Once he mastered the slide, he jumped off the cliff! (Actually, I think he did this first, but oh well)

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