La Cucaracha!

Note: the title of this blog post has nothing to do with cockroaches (thank God). “La Cucaracha” is merely meant to  portray an upbeat, south-of-the-border impression to its readers. End of note.

Sunday night we had the privilege of eating at Barb Wilson’s home with our small group. Talk about a fancy meal! We had tacos with about a million different things to add in and homemade ice cream with chocolate cake for dessert. Stellar meal. The part that intrigued me most about the meal was that she began frying soft flour tortillas to make them crispy before we filled them with taco stuff. I couldn’t believe the difference in flavor! As I was sitting there enjoying my yummy taco, my friend said something about trying to fry up the tortillas into a bowl shape. Brilliant. Especially if you have a fry daddy. Like me. Hee hee.

Rewinding to Saturday, I was at Aldi and found their packages of three multi-colored peppers for $1.29 or something cheap. Hello, I bought them. And hello, fajita night. I decided to morph these two experiences from my weekend into our Monday evening meal. And I hate to brag, but, it may be one of the most professional tasting meals I have constructed in my short span of life.

1. Stir fried chicken, onions, and peppers.

2. Made some white rice and added a fajita packet to it, then combined the rice, meat, and vegetables.

3. Added a tortilla to the hot fry daddy and pressed it down into the fryer with several cooking utensils.

4. Held it down in the oil with two hands on the utensils until tortilla was brown. Drained tortilla.

5. Piled fajita mixture on top of tortilla bowl. Slapped some sour cream on top. Ta-da.

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