Virginiacation in North Carolina

On Day 3 of our Virginiacation, we traveled south to Durham, North Carolina, where Logan’s cousin Jordan and his wife, Lee live. What a wonderful way to spend a short overnight trip! These people are some of our favorites to get together with, although now that they are so far east, it doesn’t get to happen too often. This was a trip well worth the few hours we drove! We started out by eating some delicious spinach lasagna (Lee, I need the recipe) and then later went to Durham’s version of Yogurtini, called Tutti Frutti. Equally delicious! I did the peanut butter chocolate yogurt with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups on top. Wowza. We also played a game or two of Last Word out on the patio. Of course we stayed up late talking… we were blessed to hear how the Lord is working in their lives. Some great opportunities for them!

The next morning, we found ourselves packing our picnic up for the highlight of the day: Duke Gardens and a drive through of Duke’s campus. It was a beautiful campus as you can imagine. After that we went on another drive through tour of downtown Durham. Lots of cool restaurants and shops being put into the town’s old tobacco factory buildings. Very aesthetic.

Since it was the fourth of July, we all had different plans for the evening, so around 3:30 we headed back to Lynchburg to party! More pictures of that celebratory night in the next post. Here’s a photo tour of our North Carolina outings, and many thanks to Lee and Jordan for hosting us so well!

Look at what Jordy made for us! It's a picture of us playing Headbandz... the best game east of the 80's!

Hanging out on the patio of Tutti Frutti... getting ready to annihilate the unsuspecting Kohman's at Last Word.


Get it.


Go to Tutti Frutti. Seriously.

Modeling our evening's entertainment

A small glimpse of Duke Gardens

Our view from the picnic blanket.

Good eats!

Lounging on the Grassy Knoll

This garden was like a mini Botanica... on a campus!

In the Bamboo Garden!

Tour of Downtown Durham

Downtown Durham

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