Some people take vacations to get away from people. We go on vacations to get closer to people! This summer, our plan was a little different than our normal go-see-some-people-we-know-who-don’t-live-in-Kansas vacations. First off, we had decided this winter that we would go visit my sister and brother-in-law (Tara and Ryan) in Lynchburg, Virginia. We got to thinking about this location, and noticed that Logan’s cousin and his wife live just three hours away from Lynchburg! Then we also saw that Washington, D.C. was only about three hours from there too, which is where my aunt and cousin live. And whoa, Logan’s aunt and uncle live on the way east, so why not stop in and say hello and stay the night with them?

This, my friends, is how you save money on vacation. Go stay with people you know! This money-saving adventure is not even over yet. It gets better.

So, one snowy winter’s eve of this year, we were sitting with our friends Lauren and Jason contemplating life in their lovely little home. Upon discussing Logan and my’s vacation plans this summer, we made a connection. Bizarre as it sounds, Lauren’s brother lives in the exact same town as Tara and Ryan! Although we had all known this fact beforehand, we never thought that maybe we could all go visit our families together.  Be travel buddies, split gas, food, and hotel expenses… what a concept! Maybe we just joked about actually doing this for a wee bit, but it began to make more sense as we approached the summer months. It was down to the final week before our projected departure date and neither couple had backed out. So I guess we were going on vacation together!

So here’s to a few posts about our Virginia vacation (Virginiacation)! This is post one of an undecided number of posts. Enjoy the first few pictures depicting our 20 hour drive to our destination! July 1-2, 2011.

Old Reliable... and completely stuffed to the gill (the truck, I mean)

You have to start a road trip right: $2.99 are you out of your mind?

Jason, Lauren, Shauna, and Logan!

The strange town of Effingham

Silly billies

Us with Logan's Aunt Marty and Uncle Randy (great hosts!)

Marty and Randy's Backyard (Washington, MO)

Logan's Favorite Picture. Look at that sunflare!

Our travel buddies!

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