Bargain Mania!

I am on cloud nine right now. This week, I’ve found some stellar deals on clothes! Justification: I was feeling as though it was about time that I updated my dress wardrobe, as it has become apparent that I’ve worn the same 3 dresses to the past 5 years of big events. And the jeans, well, the jeans are just an amazing deal. I had to. Not to mention back in the winter, I bought the exact same pair of jeans for literally 5 times more. Wowza.

Thanks to some tip offs from a few of my favorite peeps, this girl’s gon’ be ridin’ in style!

  • 2 pairs of jeans: $6 each (Regular $29 each at Maurice’s)
  • 4 Dresses: ranging from $7-$11 each (Regular $32-$39 each at Kohl’s and Maurice’s)
  • 3 belts: 25 cents each! (from my special top secret Friday morning dealings, a.k.a. garage sales!)
And the grand total is: $46.75! (Just a little math for you: the regular prices add up to over $200.) And thanks to the county for allowing me to do my civic duty of  jury duty yesterday, I nearly paid for my shopping spree too. I’m feeling good in this neighborhood! Hooah!

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