Summer Project

Well… I wouldn’t call this project a summer project, as it took me about 20 minutes to complete… so maybe I should rephrase my post title to “Summer Day Project” instead. Oh well! Here we go anyway!

It’s really about time I got off my lazy tail and did this project… it’s been three years since I began talking about doing this: recovering my piano bench! I did a little research for this project and found that it was one of the easiest things I’ve tried to tackle. It literally only took me 20 minutes and cost me less than $5 to complete! Wowza! If I’d have known it was THAT easy, I’d have done it ages ago! In my defense, I have been afraid that it was going to take a sewing machine to get this project a-going, and we all know there ain’t no sewing happening in this house. You’ll never domesticate me. Hmph!

First, I went and bought fabric and upholstery nails. Lucky for me, Hobby Lobby had sales galore and I got my 1/2 yard of fabric for $2.45, and the nails were only 99 cents.

The next step was removing the screws from the bench and taking off the butt-ugly cross stitch that someone in China lovingly made about 50 years ago. It actually was made in China – as stated on the stamp inside. And to think I was feeling bad for removing somebody’s dear old granny’s hard work.

After the old cover was removed, it was time to measure and trim down the new fabric. Then it was a little hammer here and there and that puppy was on!

The most involved part was putting the screws back in the hinges, which really went quite smoothly. I now have the hippest piano bench on the block! Well, maybe not, but it’s definitely a heck of a lot better than it was. Welcome to the modern world, piano bench! Now I’ll be tickling them ivories in style!

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