Kitty-sitting Fun!

The Henry household took on a new adventure for the last four days: kitten sitting! Logan and I have never been big on having a pet since we’ve been married. Although there’s nothing evil about having them, I don’t have a huge desire. Slash, I don’t think I’d be able to give it enough attention to feel good about myself having one either. So therefore, we just haven’t gone there.

Well, Logan’s family just adopted 3 baby cats about a month ago and have been keeping them inside their house until they grow up a little more and are able to be played with by Sadie, their dog. Last weekend, the in-laws were headed out for a father’s day trip to Wyoming and asked if we would be willing to care for their sweet little kittens, Jersey, Mimi, and Diablo for a few days.

Why not? Adventures are fun.

At first the three musketeers were pretty shy. They didn’t really venture outside of our living room area. But as time went on, they got braver and ventured into uncharted seas. Once, we were pretty sure we lost two of them. We actually found a new part of our house that we didn’t know existed… there are openings underneath our kitchen sink cabinets just big enough for a kitten or two to fit into. Neat.

Kittens are easily entertained. A piece of tissue paper was several days worth of activity, along with my cell phone charm. I had kittens attacking my ears while talking on my phone a few times.

I learned how to discipline a cat. One day, all three kittens tried scaling Logan’s guitar case to climb up and prance around on the piano top. I didn’t have a huge problem with it other than they could have done some damage to Logan’s guitar while trying to get down. So I took each of them and looked them in the eyes and said “No” and swatted their back ends (gently of course). After three times of doing this process, they stopped. Woo hoo!

Kittens sleep a lot. One kitten in particular, Mimi, loved to sleep on the back of the neck. Every time it came up to sit with one of us, it climbed up onto our neck and just nuzzled around and nibbled on our ears. Then it would zonk out.

All in all, a positive experience. Many people have now been asking if we’ll keep one of them. Nope. Still don’t really want one, but they were sure cute and fun to hang out with for a few days! Thanks Janine and Chuck for trusting us with your kittens!

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