Baby Mania

Within the last few weekends of summer break, I’ve gotten to visit the three babies that I know. It’s been fun. The most fun part was hanging out with the parents of these babies, but in close second, I got to mess around with our camera and take a few shots. Baby #1: Ryan, Baby #2: Harrison (no pictures of this baby because his mama is really good at photography and would put mine to shame), and Baby #3: Ava.

I have never shot babies before (literally or with a camera), so I learned that babies move really fast, and you just have to be patient and wait with the camera at your face for a long time. Manual focus is difficult because they move back and forth so much. Nevertheless, it was fun. And I have a feeling my future baby is going to only recognize its mom with a camera up to her face. It was challenging and fun!

You can look for the complete birthday party album for Ryan on Facebook, but I just posted my favorites on here!

2 thoughts on “Baby Mania

  1. Awwww, these are great, Shauna! I’m sure I wouldn’t put your photos to shame. Any picture with Harrison in it is a prize winner! šŸ™‚

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