10 Things I Love #8

Number eight: Clever lyrics. And learning all the words to songs with clever lyrics. It’s strange really, because I am not a glamorous singer by nature, but I love the act of singing. The musical side of songs is good and fine, but a song really has something going for it when the lyrics are unique. I’m really all about the words. Although I don’t like scream-o music, so don’t try to give me a scream-o song with good lyrics. I won’t like it.

This lyrical uniqueness can manifest in several forms: if the blending of words is very meaningful and non-cliche (think anything by Relient K), if the words are said really fast (think Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire”), or if the writer uses literary devices within the song (think “Wholly Yours” by DCB or “Everything” by Michael Buble).

If I hear a song that has one or more of these characteristics, I usually end up obtaining the song and playing it over and over and over again, rewinding it back, listening to each word, and learning it crash course style. Maybe everybody does that. I hope everybody does that. If you don’t do that, you should try it. It’s a good time.

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