10 Things I Love #4

The first and THE LAST day of school! How fitting this one is for this time of year. I have always loved these parts of the year, the seasons, the excitement and opportunity that each one brings.

The first day of school holds a special place in my heart. As a kid, it was so fun to come back to school, see who was going to be in your class, meet your new teacher (or automatically be the teacher’s pet when you walked in because of the hard work your big sister did for you in forging the road three years prior), and have all those great new school supplies! I just loved the feeling and smell of the classroom and the school during those first few days. Now, as a teacher, I still love it, because all the kids are on their best behaviors, and it’s so nice to get back into a regular routine by the time summer is over. Love it.

I am especially excited and in love with the last day of school right now. I bet you can’t guess why. Well because it’s so hard to guess, I’ll just tell you. We’re all losing our marbles!

One other thing I like about the last day of school is the fun stuff I get to do during the summer that I just plain old don’t have time for any other day. I love making new stuff in the kitchen, and surprising Logan with fun things to eat too! Can’t wait to make some Shortcut Strawberry Shortcake with our garden’s collection of June-bearing strawberries!

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