Well, this movie was surprisingly pleasant. I must admit, I had some apprehension as we sat down Wednesday night for this two and a half hour long journey through The Great Gatsby.

The Great Gatsby was just that: great. I was correct in hypothesizing it to have tragic tendencies, and ask anyone, Shauna Henry doesn’t like tragic movies. But I thoroughly enjoyed the romantic summer airiness this novel-turned film provided.

The characters were quite amiable, and I actually enjoyed the go betweens of all of them. They did an excellent job in casting the good-for-nothing (except for riches and unfaithfulness, to be true) husband, Tom Buchanan, who was so easy to turn up your nose at! I really could feel a connection with Nick Carraway, Daisy Buchanan, and of COURSE Robert Redford’s downright cool characterization of Jay Gatsby. Love it.

Plot strength: top notch. I didn’t get lost in stinking subtle allegory like I did in A Streetcar Named Desire. There was a thing called happiness in this movie, unlike Streetcar. Amazing concept! There was some analysis of symbols needing to happen, but it wasn’t so gosh darn buried and complicated. As I type that, I find myself shying away from creating a plot summary for your reading pleasure because it is complicated in regards to the storyline. My kind of movie.

The landscaping and architecture in this film made me happy too. What a beautiful place to set this this story. Just once it would be sweet if I could go to a rich, fancy party in a ritzy mansion like Gatsby hosted. Like many people who went to those parties in the movie, just for one night pretend you fit into that lifestyle. Ha!

I will say: I can understand why “they” picked this as a classic at whatever point the classics were picked out.  Many of the classics are lame. This one is not. It comes highly recommended by the Henry household!

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