10 Things I Love #2

Number two: wrapping Christmas presents. This is something I don’t really seem to enjoy any time of year except for the Christmas season. And I tend to really like to spend a whole afternoon wrapping presents after my Christmas shopping is completely done. Several years ago, my Grandma B decided she was giving me all of her old ribbon, bows, and tags and such. This is really when it got started for me.

Then, I got old and started going to stores on the day after Christmas to gather up cute paper, more bows, more ribbons, more tags, and anything else that would look good on a present.

Soon I had a huge collection of wonderful accessories to dress my boxes up in. It became extremely fun to measure out the right amounts of paper, and to learn new ways to tie bows and ribbons! It was like a fashion show under my tree! For me, the presents are part of the season’s decorations in my home.

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