10 Things I Love #1

In my LIFE group, we started the semester by taking turns sharing a personal list of things that we each love in our lives. There weren’t many rules set at the beginning of this, other than make your list very specific and don’t put things down like “I love my family” or I love God.” Well duh… think of things that you love, but maybe not things that everyone knows that you love. Several of the girls have started posting their lists via online community, so I thought I might as well join the club! Here’s my first entry on the list of 10 things I love:

Number One: I love mowing. I know all the men out there are probably thinking “well shoot, if you love it so much, come on over!” Just give me a call and a good mower, and I’ll be right over! This love doesn’t just include mowing though. I also love anything that has to do with taking care of the yard. Planting and tending to the growing things in my yard… it’s all so much fun!

Since I’m lucky enough to have my own home, I have learned many things about growing grass, plants, flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables (and weeds), what to do and what not to do, landscaping, where to plant different types of flowers and foliage… and I’m still learning. But I just straight up love doing it! I’m so thankful to have the summer off so that I actually have time to do this thing that I love!

My garden and backyard last summer! Can't wait!

3 thoughts on “10 Things I Love #1

  1. truly one of the things i miss most about having a yard! i love gardening too. or coming home after work on friday nights and seeing Ryan out mowing the yard. the smell of fresh cut grass and the look of a straight cut lawn. just hanging out outside. love it! i love hanging out over at the Davis’ house. They’ve got a yard & woods in the background. So nice! a get away it feels.

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