Sweet Springiness

Spring break marks a new chapter in my world every year. For starters, those school people have got it figured out: at just the exact moment when I don’t think I can handle any more interaction with children, they schedule a week long hiatus. Brilliance. Secondly, it means my garden and yard get some attention after a extended period of being cruelly neglected.

Last weekend was so nice, I decided to get the yard ready for green to hit it. That included raking out flower beds, cutting back some dead foliage, fluffing up last year’s mulch, turning the compost pile, and tilling up the garden. All this gave me a good idea of materials I will need for this season.

This week, it’s garden planning time. I won’t plant anything this early (the swiss chard and green onions are back from last year, yippee!), but plotting out what I want to grow and where each type of plant will go is up to bat.

I don’t think I’ll get fancy and try anything new this year… I know, boring. I’m always pretty happy with what I grow though, so I don’t know what I would add! So there. Strawberries, swiss chard, onions, bell peppers, eggplant, yellow squash, tomatoes, and radishes. Actually, I might try to grow some more leafy food like spinach or something. We eat a ton of it. And it’s good.

Logan finished the “bunny fence” last weekend too! To briefly explain, bunnies love our yard. But bunnies are not loved in our yard. So bunnies are now locked out of our yard. Hopefully. And cats. Cats insist on pooping in our backyard. And they have also in the recent past been digging in flower beds. Weird.

I also took a few pictures of life in my yard this week. Glimmers of hope that the light of summer is actually at the end of this dark, wintry tunnel we’ve been in. Celebration!

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