A Many Splendored Thing

Well folks, it has almost arrived! It seems like the day of St. Valentine comes and goes quickly… especially when it’s my year to plan.

For those of you who haven’t been around us for an extended amount of time, Logan and I take turns planning the event that each February 14 brings. It’s actually pretty brilliant, because the expectations are laid out right away… I don’t have to hope Logan does all the work to be romantic every year, and poor Logan doesn’t have to come up with something bigger and better every year… just every other year. Just kidding. We try to keep “excessive” out of our vocabulary when it comes to our love. Ha!

I’m not really a chocolate, roses, and jewelry kind of girl (although there’s nothing inherently wrong with you if you are that kind of girl), and I, of course, like to be innovative and creative with goofy holidays like Valentine’s Day. So my year has come. Friday is our natural date night, so we went ahead and planned our Valentine date to encapsulate our Friday night date as well.

Luckily, I had the day off (no surprise!) because of conferences at school! It worked out well that I also had Tuesday and Wednesday off to do more planning and gathering of needed supplies. Convenience.

With all the depressing (I mean, lovely) snow around, it was high time to get to a beach somewhere. Since “excessive” isn’t in our budget plans for this year, I decided that the beach would have to come to Penn Avenue. Luckily, I bought no decorations and just used some old decorations we saved from long ago in our basement to make our den into Paradise. Thank you, YouTube, for the lovely waves in the background, candles to set the mood, and a space heater creating a warm, gentle southern breeze in the room. Our simple house plants quickly transformed the area into a tropical wonderland.

We threw on our swimming gear and flip flops and enjoyed Green Turkey Bacon Wraps, Bacon Deviled Eggs, cheese and crackers, and later indulged in a Raspberry Java Trifle and tipped our margarita glasses with pink lemonade. We were fully satisfied.

Here are some photos from the experience! Logan, thanks for being a great husband. I love you in snow and in paradise!

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