On a Roll!

Well, I haven’t been one to post a bunch of recipes in the past… but I guess I have another one to share! I couldn’t resist.

I went grocery shopping on this lovely snow filled day. And something that doesn’t normally catch my eye caught it this time. Shrimp. What a lovely source of healthy protein. So I bought some.

Of course, I really don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to shrimp, and the gray ones didn’t look like an endeavor I was wanting to endeve (that should be a word) embark upon, so the peeled, deveined, pretty pink ones were my choice.

“What shall I do with shrimp?” I inquired of myself. Who knows! I’m up for an adventure on this adventureless snow day! When I finally made it home after almost 3 hours of being out on the town, I started thinking that I wanted to combine the shrimp with some asparagus somehow. Sounding quite Italiano… so I went with the most Italian thing I know of: PASTA! What’s up Google?

I modified the recipe that I found in several ways, making it, in MY mind a tad bit healthier by leaving out the cream.

If you like shrimp, try Shrimp and Asparagus Linguine… it was a major success! (For a long while I thought asparagus could only be bought fresh. Aldi proved me wrong by stocking it in their frozen isle, amazing!)

For more recipes that get cooked on the Henry Homestead, hover over Lunette and click any category that suits your fancy!

I also, on another note, found a really cool potential recipe blog today. Click here to peruse if you are interested! I’m going to try the blueberry bread sometime this week! I guess you’ll have to try and be my friend for a second if you want to taste test it. 🙂

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