I Just Fly Away

Many of you recall back in 2005 our family’s run-in with Tom Cruise while vacationing in Los Angeles. During this season in his life, he had already gone half way off the deep end of Scientology, he had begun dating Katie Holmes, who was pregnant at the time, and was attending the premiere of “War of the Worlds,” which by the way is a really lame movie (my apologies to HG Wells). Despite all this messy Cruise drama, we were still struck with stars.

We also look a lot different. The past is past, the future, is NOW!

Fast forward to real time now. Yesterday after church, Logan’s grandpa and Sheryl were being flown back to Wyoming in Chuck’s little Trinidad after spending the weekend here. We weren’t able to see him much this weekend, so we rushed out to the Salina airport to bid them farewell. In the meantime, we looked at a few of the other planes in the hangar. One of them happened to be a really slick looking biplane that had a little story attached to it.

This past warmer-weather season, this plane was headed back to California when it had a little engine trouble. The pilot landed here in Salina to have it looked at, and stored it here for a bit. Because it’s a biplane, when the warm weather faded, it wasn’t able to make its way back home, so they just decided to store it in the America Jet hangar for the winter.

Guess who’s plane is sitting in our hangar for the winter? Tom Cruise’s!

Will I ever have an encounter with any other celebrities?

I’ll take what I can get.

3 thoughts on “I Just Fly Away

  1. Funny! Katie Holmes’ family is from Toledo, OH. My claim to fame? I helped Katie’s mom when I worked at Williams-Sonoma. After I had finished her transaction, the lady behind her in line said, “Do you know who that was?” (No, was my reply) “That was Katie Holmes’ mother!” (Well, she has to shop for Christmas just like everyone else, right?!) So, my claim to fame is that I’ve touched her credit card. Woo woo… 🙂

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