Gone with the… What the?

A hobby of mine that I have recently gotten interested in is watching old classic movies. Thanks to Netflix, it’s been possible for me to view them quite easily, and we have watched several really good ones. Hello Dolly was one (actually it wasn’t that good, but I just think Barnaby is so funny and I love their songs!) and my favorite so far is Singin’ in the Rain. The choreography alone in these two movies was unbelievable! I was solely entertained by the high quality dance show these movies put on.

Within the last couple of weeks, Logan and I got to watch another classic, Gone with the Wind. This is one I’ve always been curious about, knew character names, somehow knew quotes from, but never had watched. Naturally, it would be on my “to experience” list.

I can honestly say that I am glad we took nearly 4 hours out of our lives to watch it, but I was a little taken aback by this old-time book-turned-movie’s plot line. Why so famous?

First of all, the story is set during the beginning, middle, and end of the American Civil War. It begins with our oh-so-famous Scarlett O’Hara (whose name by the end of the flick is Katie Scarlett O’Hara Hamilton Kennedy Butler) flirting up a scene with two young men. In essence, Scarlett is the girl every man loves, but every girl despises – and with good reason!

Scarlett, throughout the movie, winds of stealing two men from their ladies, and she is rotten enough to never have loved either of them in the first place. The only reason she marries either of these men is to get closer to this fickle, pantywaist of a man named Ashley Wilkes, who, might I add, is already married to one of Scarlett’s friends. I also might add that by the end of the movie, I was positively sick of Scarlett saying ‘oh Eeashley!” although Logan thinks I do a pretty good impression of this southern bell quote.

On top of all this rigmarole happening, one slick, high class, highly fashionable, and “irresistable”  old man waltzes into the scene. Mr. Rhett Butler, a bachelor who is probably 15 to 20 years Scarlett’s senior, develops this strange love-hate relationship with Scarlett, thus we have now been introduced to our two (seemingly hard to love) protagonists.

Ashley Wilkes

The drama goes back and forth: Scarlett and Ashley passionately kissing, then Ashley stating his heart for his wife and children (gag), Scarlett marrying her sister’s fiance by trickery, money-hungry Scarlett pretending to care for Mister Butler in order to get his money, Scarlett throwing herself at Ashley, faint hearted Ashley loving and then unloving her, Rhett coming to visit and asking to marry Scarlett shortly after her second husband dies… and she says YES! All the while still enamored with a retard named Ashley Wilkes. Oh my.

Somehow, through all of this, the audience is supposed to… like… Scarlett? Really? Because I actually kind of hated her.

Then tragedy strikes. Of course, Rhett and Scarlett had a child. Scarlett sort of sucks as a mom, but at least the poor Bonnie has a [good] father. The couple begins to have marital issues (go figure), but then Scarlett is pregnant again, and then they fight and she falls down the stairs and kills the baby on accident. Then Bonnie is killed in a horse accident. Then Rhett goes crazy. Then Ashley’s wife dies and Rhett thinks that Scarlett will go after him now that he is a free man.

Come to find out, Scarlett realizes she never has loved Ashley and has always loved Rhett. Oh, too late. After Scarlett begs him to stay and tearfully asks Rhett whatever will she DO without him, Rhett’s famous last words finally appear that I need not even quote.

Frankly, I know I’ve said some pretty hateful things about this movie and its characters. One way or another, I actually felt this emotion called pity at the end of the show. I’m not sure if I thought that all of this terribleness would (or should!) actually have a happy ending, but I was disappointed that it didn’t. I suppose subconsciously I was rooting for Scarlett and Rhett… or at least for SOMEONE to be happy. Sheesh.

This movie I would recommend as a quality classic, but it will not be going on my top 1000 movie list, if ever I had one of those. Watch it for yourself if you haven’t… what’s your take?

3 thoughts on “Gone with the… What the?

  1. I must say that I love this movie 🙂 But I think it is because that I have also seen the second and there ends being a very happy ending.

    Miss you 🙂

  2. ryan and i actually find it quite unbelievable that apparently you and i both chose to rent gone with the wind from netflix within the past couple of weeks…never having discussed doing so. yes, indeed melanie and i both sat down about a week ago and watched all 4 hours of gone with the wind. it was great that both our names were in it as well. i had watched it once before but melanie had never and i didn’t remember a lot if it. (i think i had borrowed it from monica when i lived in overland park.) it was interesting watching it now living in virginia. it all felt a little more real and historical considering general robert e lee surrendered in appomattax just 20 miles away from here. in fact, we drove by the historical site this morning on the way to where ryan preached. & we talked about gone with the wind as we drove. i told him that i liked it better the 2nd time watching it. i didn’t like scarlet either. she was sickening. and melanie agreed. and i did want her had rhett to be together even though i didn’t like her. we thought they would be good together. too bad she was too self-absorbed and lustful to know what was best for her. i guess in some respect i thought she got what she deserved in the end. and it felt good when rhett said what he said so famously. 🙂 ashley was sickening as well…not to mention unattractive. bonnie really shouldn’t have died. certainly scarlet would have thought of her father’s horse accident BEFORE her own daughter died doing the same thing, right? i think overall i would have felt better about the whole movie had the ending been happy. i would have preferred the happy ending even though she did get what she deserved. those are my thoughts. great minds do think alike, don’t they.

  3. Shauna… well GWTW is the classic of all times but to fully appreciate the movie you should have read the book first. The book is SO MUCH better than the movie. I do agree with you about Ashley… didn’t like him in the book or the movie. I was always disappointed with the actor they picked to play his character until I watched some trivia clips of the other actors considered for his character. Yikes is all I can say. He looked much better in my eyes after that. Scarlett, though a vile woman, is determined and not wishy-washy like Melanie, her sisters, etc, etc… She did most of her conniving out of the sheer desire to survive. If it hadn’t been for her the old south wannabe’s would have died off much sooner. Having said all this… I do enjoy your posts! Not just on this but everything. You are a very talented writer. I’m waiting for the book!

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