New Recipes!

If you’ve done much exploring on Shauna’s Window, you know that I have a whole section dedicated to the best recipes in my home! Check it out for something different for your kitchen!

Under the Lunette drop down menu, you’ll find dinner meals, freezer meals, side orders, and party food for your enjoyment. All I ask of you is if you try one of my recipes, rate it (with the neato rating system found at the top of each recipe) and if you liked it, leave a comment! I’d love to get some feedback about how things went for you.

I just posted a new “recipe” under Party Food, called Taco Tortilla Rolls, founded by Aunt Kristy, taste tested on my lovely amigos. Give it a whirl! I also updated my Beef Enchiladas recipe, so there’s another really good one on there given to me by Lauren Waller!

Happy cooking!

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