Good friends, where would we be without them? Our friends have worked to make our life blessed. Thank you, Jesus, for people who know how to be friendly. Below is a list of some great things our friends have done recently to make them a great blessing in our eyes. We appreciate you for:

  • Eating macaroni and cheese with us
  • Coming over with little or no warning
  • Bringing snacks over
  • Playing old video games with us [Logan]
  • Watching old video games with us [me]
  • Cooking us meals
  • Having a baby
  • Getting married and feeding us a really good meal for free
  • Giving us your old coffee you don’t like (but we do)
  • Texting me wishing me a happy snow day
  • Planning vacations with us
  • Thinking deeply with us
  • Calling whenever you’re in town
  • Sending us Christmas cards and gifts
  • Doing puzzles with us [me]
  • Playing silly games with us
  • Making us laugh hysterically
  • Recommending good books
  • Teaching us skills you possess
  • Respecting our differences
  • Taking slumber parties seriously 🙂
  • Camping out with us
  • Bringing over the Newlywed Game
  • Calling us to make the plans (this is how we know you like us too! :))
  • Coming early in the morning for coffee
  • Not resorting to watching movies every time we get together
  • Holding us accountable
  • Reading Children’s Literature books with me
  • Skyping from afar
  • Supporting our trip to Asia
  • Telling the truth
  • Asking for advice
  • Going on long crazy walks behind Bill Burke
  • Letting us pay on occasion
  • Living by example

Friends, we love you and are thanking God for you today. God, help us become a blessing to others in the way our friends have been a blessing to us.

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