To Logan:

If you were to ever forget, here are just a few reasons why I love you…

1.       You love me

2.       You help me with so many things

3.       You warm up my car in the winter

4.       You buy me expensive things

5.       You are patient with me

6.       You do the laundry faithfully

7.       You vacuum kind of faithfully

8.       You are extremely gifted in the area of common sense

9.       You need me

10.    You are in danger of being  a fashion faux pas without my help

11.    You go deep

12.    You have goals

13.    You play the guitar

14.    You can sing even though you won’t

15.    You fix everything

16.    You CAN cook

17.    You are a gentleman

18.    You aren’t scared often

19.    You can be scared

20.    You are always thinking

21.    You love Jesus

22.    You think like me

23.    You aren’t a complete slob

24.    You put the toilet paper on the holder the right way

25.    You wave to me every morning

26.    You read books

27.    You bring home the bacon, and sometimes eggs

28.    You aren’t afraid to go grocery shopping with me

29.    You believe in me

30.    You encourage me

31.    You teach me

32.    You listen to me

33.    You give good advice, and take good advice too

34.    You want to be healthy

35.    You love my cooking

36.    You want me to be happy no matter what

37.    You work in the nursery with me

38.    You take out the trash

39.    You work in the yard with me

40.    You do things for me even when you don’t want to

41.    You try new things

42.    You love China

43.    You are kind of nerdy

44.    You kill snakes and spiders

45.    You are daring

46.    You build things

47.    You are romantic

48.    You don’t buy me jewelry

49.    You support my love for shoes

50.    You are hilarious

51.    You are an introvert

52.    You speak in public

53.    You are social

54.    You take me out every week

55.    You hang out for hours with my family

56.    You respect my opinion

57.    You don’t snack like a crazy man

58.    You appreciate me

59.    You let me pack your lunches

60.    You aren’t good at surprises

61.    You surprise me

62.    You are a great cuddle buddy

63.    You come to bed with me even when you’re not tired

64.    You eat sauerkraut

65.    You value our time together

66.    You ride a motorcycle

67.    You let me mow

68.    You love to order things by mail

69.    You are incredibly smart

70.    You e-mail me at work

71.    You call me on your way home

72.    You keep me in the know

73.    You are hot

74.    You aren’t afraid to tell it like it is

75.    You have connections

76.    You lead me well

77.    You comfort me when I’m stressed

78.    You help do the dishes

79.    You love Chex mix

80.    You have an eye for pictures

81.    You ask how I’m doing

82.    You go on vacations

83.    You drive

84.    You may me feel safe

85.    You prefer Pizza Hut

86.    You are silly with me

87.    You dance with me

88.    You are easy to talk to

89.     You have good ideas

90.    You wait for me

91.    You don’t like sports

92.    You are generous

93.    You are just a plain old nice person

94.    You are good with kids

95.    You are from Kansas

96.    You know when to speak and when to be silent

97.    You wear sexy glasses

98.    You drive a semi

99.    You aren’t a weirdo

100. You married me

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