Tradition Part 2: Ham

Oh ya baby. HAM! This is the best cooking tradition ever. I tell you, the ham that goes into the oven cannot be the same one that comes out. Something providential happens in the 8 hours it spends in the oven, and I thank God for it, every time. Thank you God for revealing to my father how to cook a ham correctly, who in turn blessed me with his teaching.

Here’s the deal – if you have a roasting pan with a lid, that’s great. Guess what? I don’t. So I just buy the disposable tin roasting pan (with no lid) from Wally world (ugh) and also a clear plastic turkey bag. Throw that 20 pounds of good old fashioned Cook’s ham into your bag, place it in the roasting pan and shove it in a 250 degree oven.Leave it there for 8 hours (overnight).

Voila! The most delectable ham you can make – right there in your own home! Don’t lift a finger this Christmas season…it’s hassle-free! (I feel I’m beginning to sound like an infomercial.)

The best part about it is: We have two people in our family. So that makes for a lot of leftovers. Once again, I tear that sucker apart and freeze it for a rainy day. Or a sunny day for that matter. It could really be pretty good on an overcast day too.

Thanks for tuning into Wham Bam Ham! Call now, and you’ll receive a free chat with Shauna. Why wait?

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