Lookie What I Got!

It finally came! Last week, I finally faced the fact that N*Sync’s Christmas album is actually really good! And, being able to admit this fact, I decided to order it.

Now this is a rather large step for me for two reasons. First, I was never an N*Sync kind of girl, even when they were HOTT back in 1998. Backstreet all the way.

Secondly, last year, I was convicted enough to surrender the wheel of my pirate ship and delete all my illegally downloaded music, dating back to my Napster and Audiogalaxy days. Although it was quite difficult to actually click YES when my computer asked me if I was sure I wanted to delete the selected items, it felt pretty liberating at the same time. Since that time last year, buying music seems like such a waste of money (I guess that’s what the life of a pirate does to you). I’ve had next to no music in my home for a whole year, if you can believe it! (Jason Waller, I do have your album close by, but 5 songs doesn’t last very long…)

Christmas is a time of year when I strike up my musical side and must have it playing! Without all those classic illegal Christmas songs I used to have, what ever shall I do? Break down.

And buy a CD. I broke all the rules in my book when I purchased “Home for Christmas” but I don’t even care. I paid for it, and now I have the wonderful sounds of N*Sync synchronized in perfect harmony playing in my festive home! Enjoy one of my favorites… the music video is quite… fitting…?

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