The Greatest Friend

Friends are a great gift. Without them, we would be lonely. Suffering would linger longer. We’d be much slower at getting things done. We might go a little crazy, even! But have you ever had a friend fail you? I have, and I know I’ve failed others as a friend as well. It’s our nature as earth dwellers.

It’s a reality, but it sure is a reality that sucks. I hate the potential of being disappointed, emotionally injured, or betrayed by friends. I don’t think of it often, but when I do think about it, I can think of a time in all my friendship where we have messed up. Imperfection has gotten the best of every relationship I’ve maintained up to this point in my life. Not much is going to be able to make that better.

But I do have one friend who truly is the greatest friend. Here are just some qualities of this friend that along with me, my other friends fail at possessing consistently:

  • Great memory. I feel the worst about this in people that I meet – I don’t really take to remembering the details about their lives. They tell me they are going to go to this or that, and I tend to just forget about those activities. I don’t ask about them later. I don’t follow up. My friend always remembers and in turn, he has great follow up.
  • Never distracted. I never see my friend texting when listening to my story. I can be talking about cleaning, school, or other petty topics, and this friend sticks with me. There probably is a lot of stuff he could be distracted with, but he makes it seem like I’m the priority.
  • Always available. I don’t ever get ditched by this friend. Football games don’t take precedence over our time. Other friends, especially ones of the opposite sex, don’t steal our time away.  He chooses me. He’s committed to me.
  • Has great insight. My friend never hides the truth from me. He gives solid advice, and always know the best thing for me to do. Even if  I don’t take his advice, he doesn’t get their panties in a bunch like I do.
  • Celebrate and console. This friend has great compassion. He knows my moods. He can tell when it’s time to celebrate, and he also can tell when I’m not happy, even if I don’t let on verbally.
  • Straightforward. We’re able to be completely honest with each other, without hurting the other’s feelings. I can get my feelings hurt pretty easily. But with this friend, we both know we’ll get over what problems arise. Nothing I do or say is too great for this friend to forgive or understand.

I’m pretty sure I could add to this list many more qualities that make my friend the greatest friend. The greatest quality of my friend is that he is completely perfect. Even when I miss the mark, he doesn’t. I am constantly covetous of his attitude toward others, the love he pours out on his friends, the selflessness that makes him who he is.

Logan, you have many of these characteristics and you are my best friend. You’ve even helped me get to know my greatest friend. But there’s still no way you compare to him. The greatest friend, he will never give up on me. I’ll never forget that. I’ll never understand fully why he loves me so much to make such a deathly sacrifice for me and all of mankind. I can’t begin to give him all the credit he deserves. I just have to fall on my face and be so utterly grateful to God for sending the greatest friend for me.


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