Asian Adventures

Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s about darn time we get this video up! It has been a crazy couple of weeks after we got back from our trip, but with no further waiting, I present to you: Our Asian Adventures!

I did want to put a disclaimer out there for those wondering, our video tries to encompass what someone would see and be interested in if they were walking around as a foreigner in the country. We did do some other activities  over there, but this video’s purpose is to give a snapshot of what East Asia is like on a given week.

2 thoughts on “Asian Adventures

  1. Very well put together Henrys! Thank you for posting. I think that really did give me a good look at what life looks like there in a snapshot. My favorite part had to be the sign that stated: “only for the old and weak” that in itself is hilarious! …and then there sits Logan. even better!

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