One Week Adventure

In exactly one week, Logan and I will be headed to a marvelous place for exactly one week. This place has been in my thoughts and on my heart for the last three years.

Things will be different this time. But these things I’m looking forward to with great anticipation.

This time, I’ll be learning much more about traveling, which I’m pretty excited about, but also a little nervous about as well. Before, I have always been led around by someone who knew what they were doing. There will still be that, but not for the whole trip. We have to get ourselves there and navigate through airports and cities and tourist sites… on our own. This aspect of the trip is what I’m most concerned with. I just don’t want to miss anything!

Though this is a concern, I am also greatly looking forward to spending that time with Logan. It seems like the last 2 weeks have been absolutely chaotic in the Henry household.

Aside from school being a mad house with conferences in the evenings and a week of sub plans looming over my head (on top of that, it seems like every free moment that I have had has been filled with some “thing” someone comes in at the last minute and asks for, making it barely possible for me to get my stuff ready for tomorrow by quitting time), life at home is filled with urgent e-mails to answer, messages to prepare, packing lists to think of, band practices, LIFE groups, the need for exercise, Thursday nights, necessary outdoor projects, errands to run, houses to clean,  family requests, and friends wanting to hang out.

All that to say, not much quality time has been spent together. Luckily, I have no hope of this trip being a restful trip (although I guess, God, if you want to throw that in, I’d be fine with that!), but I am gratefully looking forward to some deep conversations and new experiences with my husband.

You should all be jealous of the food I’ll be eating in exactly one week. My taste buds dance and sing Hallelujah at the thought of devouring meal after meal in this marvelous place. However, my bowels already quiver thinking about the work they’ll be in for in a few short days. Baby wipes = a necessity.

Side note: I just drank the most amazing pumpkin hot chocolate made by Chef Logan. Impressive!

The last thing I’ll say about our expedition is this: I’m looking forward to having my worldview rearranged. There are so many things that are different about cultures around the world, and so many norms that are way outside of normal for Americans. It’s a treasure for me to be sensitized to this truth again. I am looking forward to the shift in my heart, the change that will take place in me because of what I experience in foreign places. The longing for something greater is always heightened during overseas travel.

When I visited this place three long years ago, I knew it wouldn’t be the last time I would set foot on its dusty ground. It wouldn’t be the last time that the smell of trash and food waste would stir such fond memories. It also wouldn’t be the last time that I got to share the wonderful story of life with its nationals.

Somehow I know, this one week adventure to such a marvelous place won’t be the last one.

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