Early Bird Day…

September 21 is TODAY! And… it’s my birthday!

But my actual birthday didn’t come soon enough for Logan. He couldn’t quite hold in the secret until Tuesday, so he decided to give me an early birthday present after work on Friday.

So I call Logan on my way home from work on Friday to discuss our workout plans when we both get home, and we both agree that because of the humidity and heat, we would forgo our usual 2 mile run and ride our bikes that we had neglected for so long. Great plan.

We both got home at nearly the same time that night, and as I was getting myself ready for the bike ride, Logan says he’s going out to get our bikes ready to go – helmets, air in the tires, and the like. Just come out whenever you’re ready, he said.

I’m walking out the door, and as I walk into the garage, I see that Logan has the camera set up just outside the garage door. Hmm. I turn around and talk to Logan for a while, and then he turns me around to see my new gift!

A new bicycle! I’m the proud owner of a Gunmetal Gray (for all you MGS4 lovers…) Trek 7.2 FX!

And… I realize NOW that I’m standing in front of my bike, so uh, sorry. You get a better shot of my stellar getup that of the actual present. Oops. Perhaps another blog coming soon of my actual… birthday… gift… although the bike would have been enough. Logan sure knows how to go over the top!


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