We’re Engaged!

Yep, we’re engaged, part 2! I guess the cool thing now days is to get a second round of engagement shots done after the 2 year mark. Okay, not really but, funny story…

Logan and I needed a good quality photo taken of us. I realized this fact on Monday, and without any school or work, my good friend Shelly and I were hanging out. Actually, we were eating delicious Taiwanese food created by my other good friend Pai Chi! Nevertheless, I asked Shelly if she would take a photo for us. Within the last few weeks, Shelly has bought an SLR camera, and takes great pictures!

Later that evening, a bunch of us were going over to Lakewood Park to shoot some frisbees and grill out, so we decided to meet up a little early to snap a few shots before everyone showed up.

So here we are, in the park, on a lovely windy Monday evening around 6:30, taking a few random pictures of Logan and me. Of course, it didn’t take Shelly long to get a good one (mostly because of her skill, not our personal beauty). After we got one, we decided to go explore trails that run along the lake. Who knew there were such interesting trails in Salina? Very nice for picture taking too…

Shelly began talking about a friend of hers who is getting married on a budget. Her friend had asked her if she would do their engagement photos. She said yes, but having no prior experience with photographing people! So, we decided to go on a little mock engagement session photo shoot. Thus, engagement number 2 of Logan and Shauna. Our pictures turned out wonderful!

As we went along, we gave Shelly a few tips about engagement couples’ pictures. Rule number one: show off the ring. Any time where the left hand can be held in a prominent position, do it. Rule number two: make sure the smaller one of the couple isn’t hidden or dwarfed by the larger one.

The rules could go on. Leave your engagement photography pointers and/or ideas in the comments to help a friend out! Enjoy the photo shoot!

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5 thoughts on “We’re Engaged!

  1. hahah! Love them Shelly! It’s cracking me up that they are “engagement pictures”! There are some really good shots in there! I didn’t know you were so interested in photography, how neat! I think from what I see above that you could definitely do someone’s “real” engagement pictures. Very nice quality work. 🙂

  2. These are so good!! I absolutely love the one where your hands are clasped and in focus!! What a cool idea!
    I also Love, Love, Love the ones where they aren’t posed. The candid ones where you are dancing on the path or just hugging, those are more you. I feel like I’m spying on an intimate moment between just the two of you.
    Cool pics!!

  3. I am indeed impressed not only with the photography, but in the professionalism the couple showed in their posing. Do you think the photographer would be interested in snapping a few pictures of some older more mature adults? 🙂 We wouldn’t need a ring shot or anything.

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