Comical Comment

A literature discussion we had yesterday at school…

Mrs. Henry: “What do you think happened to Mr. Ambrose? It says he was once a businessman that went to work in a gray suit everyday. Then things changed, and he got a little strange.”

Chandler: “Maybe he got a divorce.”

Mrs. Henry: “Well, it says he seems happy just waving at all the cars, planes, and bikes going by outside in his yard all day long. What sometimes happens to people when they get old?”

Shayla: “They start to forget things.”

Mrs. Henry: “Exactly! What we do we call the disease when people forget lots of things?”

Kylee: “All-timers?”

Mrs. Henry: “Yes, Alzheimer’s is right.”

Anna: “I know about that, because my grandpa has that. Except I think he just has Part-timer’s, because he still remember parts of stuff.”

Tee hee.

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