Summer Project Finale: Take 5

So technically, it’s STILL summer, because the pool hasn’t closed yet. It’s safe to say that this project was completed this summer! Actually we officially finished the project a few weeks ago, I have just suddenly had to be a real adult and start working again!

I didn’t get much footage of the issues we faced while putting on the finishing touches to the dresser. I put the red paint on and everything looked great, except for the flat black paint decided that it liked to collect dusty fingerprints and not come off. So I bought some flat lacquer spray to create a nice finish.

I start spraying. I already have prior knowledge that spraying and I don’t exactly mix well. Well… needless to say, after using the entire can, it looked like crap. Back to Lowe’s we go.

We ended up buying some black satin enamel paint and I coated the drawers for the 18th time. Actually I think it was somewhere around 6 coats of “stuff” by the end. Whew!

After that, I put on the doorknobs again and we moved it into its new home!

So the summer project is finally complete. Our recycling will now have a place to stay other than 3 different random places around our house. Four drawers full of plastic, paper, glass, and cardboard. Wahoo!

3 thoughts on “Summer Project Finale: Take 5

  1. I like! What a difference the re-do did to that old, old crazy white dresser. What a sad thing to have that baby dresser look all grown up! 😦 Time marches on!!

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