Summer Project: Take 4

I worked a long time on take 4! 3.5 hours yesterday working on more sanding on the top, spackling the holes where the nails used to be (and other various knicks), and painting. Flat black shows a lot of dust very quickly, so I’ll have to do another coat and then spray a finish onto it so it doesn’t get smudged so quickly. Actually you can kind of see the problematic marks in the last picture below… ick.

Logan finished putting the hardware on the drawers and inside the dresser, so all the mechanism work is done! We’ll be going to Lowe’s soon to pick out the replacement for the bottom piece that was missing when we saved its life. All that’s left after that is the last coat of black and red paint, and a coat of flat lacquer… and then we’ll be finished!

Here are the progress pictures from yesterday, although I left out pictures of the red so you can be wowed by the final product! Look out, take 5!

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