Summer Project: Take 3

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I’ve not had a free moment to get down with the dresser, but yesterday, I squeezed a few in. It’s about time! Thanks Kristen for encouraging me to get out there… blogging sure helps me finish projects faster, because people keep me accountable – they want to see more!

So I did a bit more sanding, mostly on the drawers this time. I actually sanded most of the flower pattern off. YES!

After sanding, I applied the primer coat. I also got to take off the door knobs, good-bye rusted up gold knobs, I won’t miss you.

Nothing super exciting yet, but I sure am looking forward to putting color on the finished product. Color!!!!!!!!

Sanding with the most beautiful carpentorial invention known to man

Sanded drawers, no more flowers! Well, kinda.

The primed dresser

Drawers sanded and primed and missing their knobs

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