None of your…

Ear wax!

Here you go folks, the post you’ve all been dying to see: the ear candle experience. Ever heard of them? Well. Have you got an earful ahead. I, Shauna, have always had ear troubles. I don’t have the greatest sense of hearing, partially due to an overproduction of earwax. Disgusting, I know. Being an imperfect human kind of sucks. If you don’t struggle with this, then I suppose you can click X and return to your Facebook browsing. But if you do, this is the best method I’ve come across for giving my ears a thorough cleaning.

A few years ago, after trying a few painful methods of hardcore cleaning, my mom bought some dong xi called ear candles, made from 100% beeswax. I must admit, I was skeptical to begin using these, as they really do look a little strange and hokey. You would not believe the nast that was removed from my inner ear that day. Luckily, I will not be posting any photos of the crazy amounts of wax that have been extracted in previous experiences, but I will show you a few that display the steps in using an ear candle! I now use ear candles about every 6 months when I can tell my hearing levels have hit the floor. Ha ha.

Materials needed: an ear candle (found at GNC or a health store near you), a paper plate with a hole in the middle, and a lighter.

First off, experiencing an ear candle should never be done alone. You should have at least one other person who is watching at all times, because there is fire involved. I’m sure there can be more than just one extra… Logan always wants to invite our friends over to witness this oddity, but I’ve thankfully saved a lot of you from being invited over. Now, the “candle” is actually hollow. You stick the hollow candle through the paper plate’s hole, and leave about 4 inches sticking out of the bottom part. Then you tilt your head to one side and insert the pointy end of the candle into your ear. It should just sit in there, not real far in, to where it’s comfortable for you. It doesn’t hurt one bit to experience an ear candle. You’ll probably have to hold the candle up, in the area close to your ear.

Now your friend lights the top of the ear candle on fire. You’ll hear kind of a static whoosh sound being the user of the candle. This step is where the paper plate is helpful. The ash of the ear candle may fall, but luckily, the plate is guarding the side of your head, so you are safe. This is also why a second person is necessary, because you as the user are unable to see what’s going on above the plate.

Let the candle burn down no shorter than 4 inches. Then take it out of your ear and extinguish the fire over the sink. I run water over the top edge to make sure the fire is gone. Then it’s time to unravel the candle to see the wonders it did for your ear. (This is an optional step, but I know you’re curious!) They say the ear candle just helps loosen up the junk in your ear, and acts as a vacuum (somehow) for the wax build up to be siphoned out. They also say it may take several days for all the wax to be fully removed from your ear, so continue to clean your ears after use.

Ear candles are slightly expensive, at about $10 to $15 for a package of 4, but because on occasion my ears get so clogged it feels like I have water in them, I am happy to dish out. Quite strange, but very effective; I recommend them to anyone over the age of 10! Happy candling!

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