Summer Project: Take 2

We have paint colors and drawer knobs purchased, and Logan has put one new guide into the first drawer. I did some sanding to the outside of the dresser… have you ever used an electric sander? Why has this invention been hidden from me for my 24 years of life? It’s actually kind of fun to sand now. Don’t have one? Get one!

This color, Bangkok Rust, will be used on the basic frame of the dresser.

Black is for the drawer faces and probably the side panels on the left and right that sink in from the actual frame of the dresser.

And these babies came from my sister’s old dresser that was also conveniently at the side of the road the same day mine was. Logan came swooping in and took both! One he “fixed up” (put new knobs on) and used in college, and the other he stored until now. Here are the “new” knobs!

More to come in the hopefully near future!

2 thoughts on “Summer Project: Take 2

  1. Sounds awesome! You’d love the electric sander much less if you had to use it on almost 100% of your entire home’s wood floors…..ugh.

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