Summer Project: Take 1

“A long, long time ago, I can still remember how that dresser used to make me smile…

And I knew that if I took a chance, it could store my grown-up pants, and maybe be quite useful for awhile…”

I used to have this old dresser. It was garage sold to my parents and given to me as a child, and it never did have very nice pull out mechanisms or a solid structure, but nevertheless, it was my dresser. Someone painted it a lovely white, and hand-painted a blue, orange, yellow, and green flower arrangement on the top two drawers. I also added a sailor bear sticker, nicely centered on the second drawer.

Time passed, and I got a new dresser. My old dresser retired to the garage, where it was filled with who knows what, nails were added on the side for extra storage, and mud daubers and spiders made their homes within it.

In 2005, a garage sale came, a chance to sell it. Well, it didn’t sell. So it became curbside material. Before anyone had a chance to pick it up, here came Logan to the rescue! I told Logan of my good times with this dresser and how it was a bit disheartening to see it go. We decided we would take it under our wing and someday fix it up for perhaps our children someday.

No children. But a different use has made for some motivation in our bones, and here we are, sitting in the garage, beginning the renovations of my dresser. I’m sure you’re just dying to see pictures of this little old dresser of mine, so here are the before photos. See the transformation from unstable and unsightly to strong and sleek over the next few weeks!

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2 thoughts on “Summer Project: Take 1

  1. HAHAHA!!! …i was reading your description and I thought I kinda remembered the dresser…and then the bear sticker made it more clear..AND THEN… the pictures! oh how i laughed. i remembered that bear sticker! ohhhh–i am so glad you are renovating it! Ryan just said “it’s got nails coming out of the side of it” as he is viewing the pictures. and his comment made me laugh even more!! nothing like a good chuckle before bed. DANG, i was gonna be sleeping by 10:15 tonight! oh well, this was worth it!

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