Ze American ‘oliday

Fireworks are STILL going off in our neighborhood. I guess people are just extremely patriotic or something. Either that, or lots of drive-by’s are happening and some thugs are getting away with it without the turn of a head.

This holiday, we spent the evening blowing stuff up with my lovely parents, Tara, Ryan, Joel, Lauren, and Jason. We raided Logan’s parents country home and ate delicious homemade ice cream with Cocoa Krispies and cherry topping, made with hand-picked cherries!

Sparklers are admittedly the classic children’s firework. But they sure are fun for adults to experiment with using the firework setting on my camera. Look at how our names turned out! Can you guess who’s is whose? Tara, Lauren, Lorie, Shauna, Joel, and Jason participated…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, some are better than others. Maybe we’ll get better next year. Ha ha!

After fireworks, Mr. Beckner, the Waller’s and the Henry’s went to Sonic.

Have you ever ordered a Route 44 drink at Sonic? How does one ingest that much liquid and actually get around without rolling their body sideways like a giant blueberry?  Thanks Joel, for the new and exciting Peach Dr. Pepper in the largest cup known to man, but I just can’t drink like you can. Sheesh!

Then we played Balderdash. High quality game, and very strategic! I must say, all who were involved (minus my husband on occasion) had very realistic definitions! Bravo!

A classic example of one of Logan’s definitions… see what I mean?

Nybble: Bill Nye, the Bible Guy

Needless to say, we had a fun Sunday. Thanks for choosing to hang with me, people who did!

One thought on “Ze American ‘oliday

  1. I think my favorite Logan Balderdash-ism is still “Saloop” being some sort of greeting in a foreign place. I can’t remember what place was named, but it was pretty amazing.

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