An Eye for an Eye

“Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always try to be kind to each other and to everyone else.” -1 Thessalonians 5:15

What is this verse teaching me?  The main idea is pretty simple. Don’t repay evil when evil is done to me. Don’t have the mind set that I deserve to be treated fairly by all. Just be nice to everyone, no matter.

How should I be rebuked? How can I be challenged in my thoughts and behaviors? Well, in my own life, I can say that when I get a cold shoulder from someone, I tend to do the same back. I have this going on in my life right now. A friend just kind of dropped off the face of the earth, I don’t interact with them much anymore, and I’m not sure if they want to be friends any longer. I’m obviously not okay with it, and I feel wounded by the situation as a whole. My attitude is this: If they don’t want to be friends, then I don’t either. I try to be kind, but on the inside, I feel offended and defensive. Perhaps that’s the natural reaction, but God doesn’t call us to stay in our natural state.

What corrections and changes should I make in my life according to this truth? I think I need to do some forgiving. Come to the realization that I don’t understand all the internals of any given situation. I can’t expect to be treated with fairness, because that’s just not what the world promises. I need to think more along a grace-filled line than a justice-filled one.

How will this produce fruit in my life if I take this advice?  I think if I can not reciprocate what I am receiving from another, I wouldn’t have so much heartache. If I can try selling out to the idea of grace, I wouldn’t be so angry when I’m wronged by another. I can only hope that Christ will do some sort of miraculous transformation in my life.

One thought on “An Eye for an Eye

  1. I am struggling with the same thing right now. So funny how God puts things in your life that remind you to forgive no matter what has transpired in a relationship. His word is clear though. My life does need a miraculous transformation in order to move forward. It is hard when you have been hurt. Christ must be our strength!

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