School’s Out

“School’s out, quit studying the subject and start living it!” -Colossians 2:7a [MSG]

This whole thing about actually going and doing something seems to have struck a chord with me lately. First of all, reading through “Just Walk Across the Room” has awoken a practical part in me that gets me real excited. Messages from church, small group, and Challenge have been about being intentional in  conversations with others and using your strength to love God. Then I read this in Colossians, plain and simple. Now that you’ve got some ideas, go use them!

Now that you have the knowledge of Jesus Christ’s story, go make it part of your everyday life. Those people who you don’t feel “deserve” love, compassion, or grace, show them just that. (I know, I don’t deserve any of that either, but isn’t it true that we actually think we deserve them before “that person” does? I mean, come  on, I’m not as nasty as THEM…)

For me, it’s so easy to slip into the comfortable crowd, surrounding myself with my friends, naturally making me feel good (and to pretend those awkward or unlovable ones over there don’t exist). I must ask myself though, “Is that what I’m here for? To make myself feel good?” Wow, no. In fact, when I put it in that light, it makes me keenly aware of my own relational sin. Always remaining where it’s comfortable means that I am acting selfishly, and to be brutally honest, I’m being lazy. Do I want to live a cushy lifestyle or do I want to live a cross-centered life? The former IS so, much, easier.

We must begin to change our direction. Swimming downstream is so, much, easier than swimming against the current. But that’s purely the life we’ve been called to live. We aren’t just sitting in a classroom soaking up information anymore. The time has come: the bell has rung, we have graduated from studying, and now we go out and pursue a career. Our career is to live like Christ and to give others the opportunity to do the same.

Will we accept the position?

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